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All You Need to Know About ‘Queer Eye’ Season 8: Premiere, Cast, and Streaming


For fans craving the heartwarming transformations and emotional journeys delivered by the Fab Five, the highly anticipated Season 8 of “Queer Eye” is set to make its return this week. The show, known for its feel-good reality makeovers, is back on Netflix with all five hosts, affectionately referred to as the Fab Five: Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, and Tan France.

A Glimpse into Season 8

Queer Eye: Season 8 Trailor

According to Netflix’s season description, the Fab Five will be “dropping into the lives of a former nun, the world’s biggest Kiss fan, and the football coach for the Louisiana School for the Deaf,” among other diverse and compelling individuals. Each episode promises to be a heartwarming journey of transformation, both inside and out.

A Farewell to a Beloved Expert

Season 8 holds a bittersweet note as it marks the departure of Bobby Berk, the show’s design expert. In November, Berk took to social media to announce his decision to leave the show after this season, emphasizing that it was a “necessary” choice. While his departure may leave a void, he assures fans that they haven’t seen the last of him.

Premiere Date and Streaming Details

All six episodes of Season 8 of “Queer Eye” are scheduled to premiere on January 24th, providing fans with a binge-worthy viewing experience. Netflix, the streaming giant, is the exclusive home for all previous seven seasons of the show, as well as two special seasons, making it the go-to platform for fans old and new.

A Vibrant Setting in the Heart of New Orleans

“Queer Eye” Season 8 takes a leap into the vibrant culture of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Fab Five ventures to this lively city to work their magic on six new “heroes” desperately in need of a makeover, both in terms of their physical appearance and emotional well-being. New Orleans provides a colorful backdrop for the Fab Five’s transformative journeys.

From Coast to Coast, and Across the Globe

The show’s previous seasons have taken the Fab Five on unforgettable makeovers in various U.S. cities and even across international borders. From Austin, Texas, to Atlanta, Georgia, and from New South Wales, Australia, to Tokyo, Japan, the Fab Five has left a trail of transformed lives in their wake.

Exciting News for Season 9

Netflix has already announced that “Queer Eye” will be returning for a ninth season. The upcoming season will be set in the vibrant and lively city of Las Vegas, Nevada. While Season 8 marks the end of Bobby Berk’s journey with the show, his replacement has not yet been announced, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the new addition to the Fab Five.

A Fond Farewell from Bobby Berk

In his heartfelt announcement about leaving “Queer Eye” after Season 8, Bobby Berk expressed his gratitude and love for the show and its fans. He shared, “It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that season 8 will be my final season on ‘Queer Eye.’ It’s not been an easy decision to be at peace with, but a necessary one. Although my journey with ‘Queer Eye’ is over, my journey with you is not. You will be seeing more of me very soon.”

As fans gear up for Season 8’s emotional rollercoaster, they can also look forward to the exciting adventures that await the Fab Five in Season 9. “Queer Eye” continues to inspire and uplift audiences around the world, proving that the power of love, acceptance, and transformation knows no bounds. So, mark your calendars for January 24th, when the Fab Five returns to bring joy and positive change once again! Β 



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